Quaker Oats - Power Up Campaign
Advertising Concept 3 - 2010
To position Quaker Oats as the source that will power you throughout your day. Giving it an energetic, vibrant and fresh identity. Campaign also recognizes the importance of team work, sponsorships to create a wider brand awareness tin order to enhance brand’s values and beliefs.
Online Animation Ad
Resembling the idea of low energy, this is an online ad that will appear along e-mail (Yahoo, Hotmail,) and daily news websites. So what happens is that the screen starts to dim off, resembling when computer goes on stand-by mode, and a 15 seconds animation appears.

To avoid annoying the user, cookies will track the IP internet address so that the animation will only be displayed a certain amount of times during a certain period. The viewer also has the option of replaying it, after the animation is done and shrunk into a banner ad on the side.
Banner examples
Earth Hour Partnership
Earth Hour is about saving the Earth’s energy. Since, my Quaker Oats campaign is all about natural, human energy I wanted to tied it with Earth Hour. Save the Earth’s energy, use our own and give back. The essential idea of campaign is realizing the potential of human power, which is about using our inner energy instead of depending so much on technology.

Campaign starts with teaser saying “We are Energy” and a little oatmeal underneath. It will be shown in bus shelters and magazine ads. A week or two later, the seond poster replaces the first one in the transit ads and goes into the details of Earth Hour and their relation to it. As in the magazine, the teaser will be showed on one page and after a couple of pages, the explanatory poster follows.
Teaser part 01
Teaser part 2
Earth hour "We are energy" teasers

An online ad appears upon entering the Earth Hour site. Stating the potential of human energy, and closing with Quaker Oats. The screen starts to dim off (resembling computer screens when they go to stand-by mode)
Screen dimming idea with Earth Hour Partnership

To go further with the energy saving aspect, Quaker Oats can partner up with the engine searcher “Blackle”. which is another version of search powered by google that saves energy because by turning the entire website black, the brightness is reduced, therefore less energy consumed.
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