"I've been 12 forever"- Michel Gondry
Artist Gallery Promotional - Graphic Design 3 - 2010
The goal of this project is to design promotional material for an artist of your choice to promote an art gallery show featuring their work. Deliverables include designing a type that reflects their style, a gallery brochure, admission ticket and drink vouchers.
Michel Gondry, being beyond a film/video director and screenwriter is at the most a child by heart. He has a unique and outstanding style among his projects. His works are often inspiration drawn by childhood memories and dreams. Nevertheless, they never replicate one another. Over more than a hundred projects in his resume, he continues to innovate and entertain us with his peculiar style.

A recurring theme Gondry often recalls is the science of sleep. His fascination towards dreams, nightmares and how we process information has led us to his unconscious world. This sense of nostalgic approach to childhood memories and dreams is a genuine inspiration we all draw and cling from. Perhaps because alike him, we are eager to hold on to our inner child. Stating the fact that with time, we tend to dream less and ignore those curiosities that once intrigued us. Growing up is an undeniable path but we tend to put off our childhood dreams and innocence for bigger (as society would say) more ‘realistic’ plans. Thus leaving our true aspirations behind to adapt to this communal world of ideals.
Michel Gondry's work
I've chosen the Power Plant Gallery to display Gondry's exhibition. I love it’s rustic yet modern and clean style. The tall ceilings and big windows allow a sense of freedom (as if there’s no restrictions, not compacted into one space, alike Gondry’s imagination). It also has special rooms for media display that blown my mind away because of the enhancing experience it provides. The rooms are completely dark, only a huge white wall in the middle being projected with videos on both front and back side.
So the overall theme for the gallery is based on the idea of dreams, memories and thoughts transferred onto film which is Michel’s specialty. The typeface was developed by reflecting printed font onto a CD, hence getting a dreamy and even ghostlike effect to the letters. To show Michel’s bright, childlish and exciting style, I used warm and vibrant colors. Michel is multifaceted, curious and playful.
I’m using transparency paper to translate the idea of film and the merge of different elements accumulating to create other forms and meaning. (The idea of memories building up transferred into inspiration, seen through brochure)
Process: CD reflections

Reflective font - Movement
Reflective font - Static

Example surface experimentation
Numbers & symbols - movement

Numbers & Symbols - Static version

The brochure - Printed on transparency paper, incorporated with reflective type.
Number 12, is revealed. Title of this show "I've been 12 forever", inspired by one of Gondry's quote.
As you flip through the book, images start combining and floating around. Stories being put together, images merging into other stories.
Admission ticket, "I've been 12 forever"
Drink voucher - imitating film.

Brochure + admission ticket + complimentary drink + incorporated typeface

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