Here be Dragons: Podcast Branding
Here be Dragons, a podcast that navigates life in the new economy. I had the fortune to be part of the branding process and bring this idea to life. The idea behind this concept is to integrate "Here be dragons' medieval phrase with something current that represents our culture today. Technology being a big part of our lives and how we evolve with it.  

The phrase “Here Be Dragons” used to appear in medieval maps for regions of potential danger. It’s human to be afraid of the unknown, but it is also human to be inspired by it. Throughout history, we have progressed as a species not by being cautious; we progressed because we were willing to explore the unexplored.

The unknown that we are facing on this podcast is the “new economy”. Yes, we know this phrase gets thrown around a lot and lacks definition because, well, it’s new. We don’t actually care about defining what it means; we simply want to explore how to live within it. 
How do we, as individuals, experience life in this new economy where more and more of us are choosing (or finding ourselves on) an unchartered path. It’s a path in which the lines between our personal lives, career, hobbies and communities are increasingly blurred. It’s the deconstruction of the life we unconsciously built around us, and our need to construct a life that we truly desire.
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