Boost your snooze!
Advertising Thesis 2010-2011: Sleep Country Canada
People are not getting enough sleep.
Students are not getting enough sleep.
They’re all currently:
- Pulling all-nighters
- Falling asleep in class and while commuting
- Relying on stimulants to stay awake
- Unable to focus or process information efficiently
- Experiencing constant mood swings
- Feeling restless, exhausted and stressed

SLEEP is viewed as an unnecessary and unworthy investment. It is not considered a priority and most students would rather spend money and time on other things.

MARKETING CHALLENGE: To increase the flow of a younger crowd throughout Sleep Country Canada’s stores.

TARGETING MARKET: To all students attending post-secondary institutions

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY: To change students’ perception of sleep and offer them something only Sleep Country Canada will be able to offer: quality sleep, as opposed to quantity.
Campaign divided into 4 simple steps:

Step 1 [ Teaser stage ] :
Will be launched with a series of teaser posters and online banners. To fully understand the message, you must read it at least twice.

Step 2 [ Challenge introduction + Exposure stage ] : Looking to surprise and entertain audience through direct mail piece. To raise awareness about the “Boost your Snooze: Challenge” and overall campaign and also an invitation to register online.

Step 3 [ Sleep Country Canada ] : Brand identity is highlighted. This stage consists of guerilla advertisements, out of home media, print and online applications.

Step 4 [ Sleep Country Benefits ] : Online support and user information + mobile applications that enhances your sleep with daily tips.
Sleep Country Canada: Research Booklet
Sleep Country Canada: Media Booklet

Launch campaign with a series of posters and online banner ads that contain double meanings. At first glance, the ad conveys a negative connotation but once you look closely and read the watermark behind you'll be able to get the full message. 

Online banners will be animated with the same idea behind the posters. The only difference is that you must rollover your mouse to see the full message behind. By clicking onto it will transfer you to the teaser website introducing: Booze your Snooze Challenge: Coming soon.
Simultaneously, “Boost your snooze: The Challenge, coming soon” posters will also be displayed to stir a sense of anticipation while introducing campaign as well.

The overall idea behind this campaign is that sleep defines performance, to enhance this idea a series of challenges between university students will be arranged in a big event during frost week. For more details check the email invitation below.

Looking to surprise and entertain audience. This direct mail piece will raise awareness about the “Boost your Snooze: Challenge” and overall campaign. An invitation to register online 

Tying the brand Sleep Country Canada with sleep performance. This stage is based on a number of guerilla ads, out-of-home, print posters and TV commercials.

A transparent mylar distortion film will be applied on glasses throughout Toronto. Placed in high circulated student areas. Such as TTC bus shelters, shopping centres, waiting areas and food courts. The idea is based on how one’s performance is affected by insufficient sleep. 
"Visual impairment is a side effect of sleep deprivation"Avoid accidents, increase alertness. Sleep Country Canada
GUERILLA: Visual Impairment–Funny MirrorsRelying on more visual distortion tactics, mirror distortions technique is done using swipe guerilla –posting text on top of existing funny mirrors. Installation pieces of funny mirrors containing the same message will also be placed in public areas: subway stations, Dundas Square, food courts and washrooms. 
A camera will display what’s in front of the screen with distorted effect. People who walk by will be able to see themselves reflected in a funny way. Instructions hint you to touch the screen. Once you do you’ll be able to register with your email to receive discounts and coupons from Sleep Country. 
Mobile and electronic device instant charging station. 
-It’s a free service provided by Sleep Country to tie in with the idea of sleep as a source to recharge.
-Placement: Public spaces. Mall waiting areas, main subway stations.  
Print media done with blurry film/paper on top of another page to distort image behind.

“Visual impairment is a side effect of sleep deprivation. Be alert.Boost your snooze. Sleep Country”
Another side effect of sleep deprivation: Attention deficiency

Decrease in the ability to solve problems
The inability to focus
To spot out Sleep Country retail stores.
Slow social interactions are common among students who don’t sleep enough. These series of 15-60 seconds commercials are intended to show attention deficit and inability to focus as results of insufficient sleep. Example: Commercial starts with two students talking, while the other waits in vain for an unresponsive student. Camera focuses on the unresponsive character and a loading icon appears next to him. Scene closes with a different sleep fact every time and ending with “Boost your attention span, boost your snooze. Sleep Country.” Variations of commercials consist of loading icons –apple’s rainbow of death, buffering, lagging effect, window’s blue screen and lost signal.
Sleep Country Website and other benefits to help you keep on track

Intro animation
Website adapting to time of the day. A digital clock on top.
Morning version
Night version of website. To enhance the idea of sleep
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